Paint technics:
We work with oiled glazes and various mineral products such as hydrated lime or distemper, Stuccos,  casein  etc. We also use gold and silver leafs for classic or modem designs items.
We are specialized in « trompe l'œil » for about any material (wood, marble, bronze, stone). we do false moulding, painted skyies, panoramics and ornments. We are able to suggest the volumes of pretences or architectural elements. We can help you in thé choice of fabrics, furnitures or decorative items.
We can modify the existing ambiance or add new items but always with the permanent objective : harmony.
The choice of technics used gives the  impression on the substance used and define the ambiance.
We wish to bring to you either the simplicity or the complexity without extravagance, just what you are expecting from your décor. You may be inspired by new tendencies or by the charm of an outdated décor.
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